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EBG Flow Products

Manufacturers of:

Flow Measurement Products Specialty Piping Products
Orifice Flange Unions (Raised Face/RTJ) Figure 8 Spectacle Blinds
Paddle Type Orifice Plates Paddle Blinds and Spacers
Universal Style Orifice Plates Bleed (Drip) Rings
Test Inserts
Integral RTJ Orifice Plates
RTJ Orifice Plate Holders Dieletric Unions
Corner-tap Orifice Holding Blocks Cone & Basket Start Up Strainers
Orifice Holding Blocks Tee Strainers
Mag-Meter Grounding Rings Vertical Basket Strainers
Honed Flow Tubes Fabricated "Y" Strainers
Meter Runs Flat Paddle Strainers
Dutchman Adapters
Flow Nozzle Metering Sections Studding Outlets
ASME Flow Nozzles
ASME "Classical" Venturis
Integral Flow Elements Expander Flanges
Low-Loss Venturi Tubes Fabricated Pipe Fittings
Straightening Vanes Code & Non-code Fabrication
Condensate Chambers (Seal Pots) Packaged Skids
Flow Restriction Unions Probe Assemblies (Dry & Water cooled)
Multi-Stage Flow Restriction Tubes

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