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EBG Flow Products

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EBG Cover Sheet EBG Mission Page
EBG Product Line Sheet Pipe Chart -- Schedule and Wall Thickness
Paddle Type Orifice Plates
Orifice Plate Specification Form
Orifice Plate Installation Instructions
Orifice Flange Union Options
300# Orifice Flange Unions 600# Orifice Flange Unions
900# Orifice Flange Unions 1500# Orifice Flange Unions
2500# Orifice Flange Unions 150# Paddle Blinds
300# Paddle Blinds 600# Paddle Blinds
900# Paddle Blinds 1500# Raised Face Paddle Blinds
2500# Raised Face Paddle Blinds Condensate Chambers
Flow Nozzles