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EBG Flow Products, LLC.

EBG is located in Corpus Christi, TX. and is a family-owned and operated business with three generations of experience within the industry. After several previous enterprises EBG was founded by Ken and Bonnie Miller in 2003, who have been in the industry for thirty-five years. Ken started in the industry by learning from his father-in-law (Bonnie's father), John Robertson, who owned and operated Robertson Manufacturing in Houston during the 1950's. One key accomplishment by Robertson Manufacturing was the design and manufacturing of the flow measurement system for the Astrodome and became a leading manufacturer of flow measurement equipment of the era for refineries and petrochemical companies all over the country. After John Robertson's death in 1971, Ken followed suit in the flow measurement industry and has started several manufacturing facilities and sales offices. Ken has always adapted to the economy and technology with each company. With EBG Flow Products, Ken makes the best use of web and phone technology to keep him connected to clients and available resources throughout the world. His sons, Kelly, John, and Casey Miller are now following suit by keeping EBG an approachable small family business while at the same time providing the professionally skilled services of a large corporation.
With a network of over 280 distributors, EBG has been expanding at an incredible pace. Whether your order requires one item or one-hundred thousand items EBG will offer a fair quote and a quick delivery. One of our strong suits is our ability to handle rush emergency orders for same day service and for orders after hours.