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EBG Flow Products


  • Custom Machining
  • We will custom CNC machine up to 40" in diameter accoording to your design.

  • Custom Fabrication
  • We will custom fabricate according to your design. Our most common custom fabrications are for instrument stands, skids and non-code vessels.

  • Rush Delivery of Orifice Plates
  • We keep a stock of un-bored orifice plates on hand for rush delivery. State your bore size and style, and for a fee, we will deliver it on the same day (if geographically possible via hot-shot), next day (usually UPS Red), 2nd day (usually UPS Blue) or 3rd Day (UPS Orange).

  • Orifice Bore Calculations
  • Go to our calculations page and fill in the information necessary for you application to submit to us. We will process the information and reply quickly with a suggested orifice bore size according to your specifications. You may also call us if you have any questions about orifice bore sizing. Flow rate calculations and differential calculations are also available upon request. All calculations are $35.00 per line item.