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A Blind is a pressure retaining plate with a solid end or an open end. A Figure 8 Blind is two blinds connected with a web or tie bar to facilitate alternation between open or closed lines.

Dimensions: 2500#

Goto: Ring Type Joint

Flange Ratings:


Dimensions of class 2500# Raised Face Figure 8 Blanks Weight (approx. lbs)
NPS Inside Diameter B, in. Outside Diameter O, in. Centerline Dimension A, in. Thickness t, in. Web Width W,in. Handle Length L, in Web Hole Size, Wt Paddle Blinds Paddle Spacers Figure 8 Blinds
1/20.622.623.500.38 1.5057/8111
3/40.822.883.750.38 1.6257/8111 2.5051112
1-1/41.384.005.120.50 2.5051-1/8212
1-1/21.614.505.750.62 2.7551-1/4425
22.075.626.750.62 2.7551-1/8526
2-1/22.476.507.750.75 3.0051-1/48512
33.077.629.000.88 3.0051-3/8131023
44.039.1210.751.12 3.5051-3/8252146
55.0510.8812.751.38 3.5051-7/8372966
66.0612.3814.501.62 3.5052-1/86047107
87.8115.1217.252.12 4.0052-1/810777187
109.7518.6221.252.62 4.5062-5/8210150213
1211.3721.5024.383.12 4.5062-7/8308213521


(1) Hole size (where required due to bolt spacing) shall be the same as the flange bolt hole, and located such that it will not interfere with bolting between two flanges.

(2) The thickness of the web(or tie bar) dimension Wt shall be 0.25" minimum, except when t is less than that of 0.25", Wt shall equal t.